Political Map of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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  • Political Map of Pakistan

    The Prime Minister of Pakistan unveiled the Political Map of Pakistan on 4th August 2020 with the approval of the Cabinet and endorsement of the Kashmiri Leadership. The details of Key Messages on the Map are given as under: • Political map is a reflection of sovereignty and aspirations of people. • Issuance of political map is a national requirement for Pakistan. • A standardized political map is indispensable for preventing the use of incorrect maps in the country. • Pakistan's political map is essential for firmly rejecting the political map issued by India post 5 August 2019, making false territorial claims, including on AJK and GB. • The political map emphatically reasserts Pakistan's stated position. • Pakistan's consistent stance on the Jammu & Kashmir, anchored in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolutions stipulating that the accession of the state will be through a UN-supervised plebiscite, is further reinforced as the map reaffirms this position. Following are the key elements of the Political Map of Pakistan: • Complete Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan have been shown as part of Pakistan, with International Border marked accordingly. • Complete Jammu & Kashmir including Gilgit-Baltistan (including Indian Occupied parts) has been shown in one distinct colour. • Gilgit-Baltistan Regional Boundary with rest of Jammu & Kashmir has been drawn distinctly. • Following annotations have been written within Indian illegally Occupied Part of Jammu & Kashmir: "Indian illegally Occupied Jammu& Kashmir (Disputed Territory - Final Status to be decided in line with relevant UNSC Resolutions)". • Line of control (LOC) has been marked in red dotted line in accordance with our stance with respect to line north of point NJ 9842 up to Karakoram Pass. Annotation indicating LOC has been added as: "The red dotted line represents approximately the line of control in Jammu & Kashmir. The state of Jammu & Kashmir and its accession is yet to be decided through plebiscite under the relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions." • The word AJK has been written along LOC with following annotation: "AJK stands for Azad Jammu & Kashmir as defined in the AJK Interim Constitution Act, 1974". • Working Boundary has been marked with appropriate annotation. • Annotation for FRONTIER UNDEFINED has been added as: "Actual boundary in the area where remark FRONTIER UNDEFINED appears, would ultimately be decided by the sovereign authorities concerned after the final settlement of the Jammu & Kashmir dispute".